Marian Cooper Cairns
Brand Refresh

Visual Identity • Website
In collaboration with Kasumi Chow


Marian Cooper Cairns is an established food stylist in Los Angeles who came to us for refresh of her visual identity and website. Her existing logo and website was tried and true, but needed an update to stay competitive and attract new clients. We saw an opportunity to focus on Marian's quirky personality and love for French maritime aesthetic while keeping it professional.

The resulting logotype is a customized version of Grotta by Type Department. We added purposeful interactions between letterforms as a nod to Marian's impeccable attention to detail in her work. Secondary lockups lean even further into her quirkiness with a fun shuffled lockup of her name and an olive icon that represents her love for food and style.


We rebuilt Marian's website from scratch to be more impactful and memorable. Her long name allows the logotype to become a commanding masthead spanning the full width of each page. The fixed navigation allows for easier browsing between pages when the user is deep down in the content.

The about page can often be an after thought, but it's rather important. We kept it simple, but bold with a custom frame for her photo and a bold background that stands apart from the rest of the site. For the mobile menu, we brought in the olive instead of the generic hamburger as a touching garnish.

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